Primary Processes

Cerakote custom Ar 15 ar15 kg guncoat shotgun rifle pistol handgun tactical hunting paint coating

Firearm Refinishing

Firearms and projects receiving similar coatings are broken down, degreased, and surface prepped for adhesion.  We then use a number of wet spray materials and techniques to provide you the look and protection you require. 

While having a background in aerospace paint and anodize we are also certified in hydrographic and Cerakote.


Laser Marking & Engraving

We use a Co2 laser that has a work area of 14 by 12 inches. We are capable of marking or engraving most non metallic surfaces. This includes popular tumblers like Yeti and Rtic. If you have a logo or memory you need to preserve contact us today. 


Powder Coating

This process require electrostatic application of dry powder to your part where it is then heated to for out and cure. Popular for motorcycles cars and industrial parts. There are more than 70000 colors available. We can handle approximately 4ft by 4ft object.  


Hydrographics or Hyrdodipping

When you need a photo realistic image on your object it is difficult to beat the hydrographic process. Your Item is prepped for and painted in a base coat before your selected design is applied through water immersion. This is the same process we use to camo firearms for retail sale or wood grain and carbon fiber prints for automotive items. 


CNC Maching

With the addition of a 3 axis CNC Mill we provide services to folks that need one offs, prototyping, or small production runs. 

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