Gallery of Services

Firearm Refinishing

We are certified Cerakote and Hydroraphic Applicators with experience in production runs as well as one off customs

Powder Coat

With 2 ovens and the largest handling roughly 4ft by 4ft items. We have coated everything from home interior pieces, race car and bike parts as well as industrial equipment

Laser Etching

With a Co2 laser we are able to cut, mark, engrave, or etch most non metal surfaces. We can also precisely cut thin wood, foams, fabrics, and paper goods. 

CNC Machining

With the addition of a 3 axis mill we can handle custom slide cuts for optics and appearance. We a not strictly firearms and would love to hear what you need machined

High Temp Coatings

We provide thermal barrier and conductive coatings. A perfect way to customize your exhaust while managing the surface temperatures. Also good for Radiators, turbos, and heat sinks.

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