Glock slides and similar in solid color 75

Non striker fire and others 100

Multi color  begin at 25 per color


Drop in actions such as LC9 and Glock 100

1911 and others start 125

Multi color designs typically start at 25 per color

Complete Pistols

Complete Glocks and similar start at 200.

1911 and others begin at 225

All prices include assembly and disassembly

AR Style Rifles & Similar

Rail Upper Lower and Stock

Prices begin at 200 for solids and go up 25 per additional color. 

Small parts package start at 50 

If parts are disassembled upon receipt a 50 dollar credit is given

Complete Rifles

Complete rifles in solid colors or 2 toned begin at 325 and included assembly and disassembly

Custom Masking Designs

Call for pricing on custom logos, precision masking, laser work etc, 

graphics are charged per hr, cost can be reduced if given good files types

Shotguns and Other Rifles

Barreled Actions or Stocks

Up to 2 colors no masking start at 150 

Additional colors for masking starts at 25 each additional color 

Complete Rifle or Shotgun

Complete guns start at 250 wo optic or 325 with optic


Hunting style scopes start at 125

Tactical scopes begin at 150

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